How to play tracks from searched artist only?

For example if I want to listen to ONLY tracks from say, Mariah Carey, when I search Mariah Carey in the native tidal app, I can just click Play or Shuffle and it will queue up tracks from Mariah Carey only.

How do I do this in Roon? When I search the artist and go to the artist page, if I click Play it will only play one song. If it have roon radio enabled it will play what they find similar but it can be from ANY artist.

Note: I am only streaming via Tidal. No local files.

Am I missing something?

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That is the right idea.
Play Now will play anything from the artist across your library and a streaming service.
Shuffle will play a random selection only from your library.
Roon Radio will start a selection of music similar to a seed track from the Artist, across a whole range of similar artists.
When you hit the Play Now button on the artist page, there is a default play action and several other actions. If you click on the down button, you’ll see these choices.
So that is how it is SUPPOSED to work. However, it seems the Play Now function is broken (@support), and now it will start with the first song of the artist and go directly to Roon Radio, which will play music similar to the seed track. I just discovered this was broken yesterday when another user reported it to Support. So they presumably know about it and it should get fixed.


Oh OK so that makes sense. I wanted to play just the tracks from the searched artist without roon radio active. As you said it starts with the first song and will go directly to roon radio after that first song. If roon radio is DISABLED then the music just stops (there is no next track).

I guess if this is because the Play Now function is broken then there must be a fix coming soon. Thank you Scott for clarifying this with me!

It is really amazing how many (before working) things this update (1.8) has fcuked up.
I’m extremely disappointed and I could write this exact sentence in every third thread that pops up lately :rage:
Now after this update, not even the good things about roon seem to work anymore, let alone what I hoped for :roll_eyes:
I was a big fan of roon since the very beginning and I’m a lifer but this is just too much.
I don’t even know where to start… :flushed:

Here’s how you sequentially play all tracks of an Artist, pick an artist, click Discography, right click or long press an album, top left Select All, click play now. This worked under 1.7 and I believe the method everyone is describing used to shuffle play all tracks.

Check the Queue and you’ll find all tracks sequentially queued, in this example, 613 tracks

If you hit the shuffle icon it’ll shuffle them.

When I long press an album and click the play now button it only plays / queues the songs in that album. Not all the tracks from the artist?

I’m just showing you an example, if you want to do what I did, then you have to select all albums after your long press, goto the top left and use the selection drop down and select all, notice my top pic shows all albums highliged, then play

I have the same problems, you dont want to hit multiple buttons and find it still aint playing what you want but suggesting all kinds of stuff you dont want to see.
Clearly Roon has an UI written and designed by ‘technical’ persons, not taking at hart userfriendlyness and common sense.