How to play wav files with no metadata?

I am using Roon with the new Sonore OpticalRendu. My server is a Small Green Computer SonicTransport i5 and my local storage is a Netgear NAS.

From time to time a friend will send me a file to listen to their music. There is no album or any fancy compiling. All they do is send me a file or two named after a title they have given it. Just now I put a file titled Temple Rough Cut.wav into the music folder on my NAS. Roon has the NAS as its storage location. For the life of me I can’t find the file within roon, even after a rescan. How does Roon search or organization work with random local files?

Hi chad,

What I do here is create a folder on my desktop or other convenient location and specify it as a new Roon storage location. I can then Focus on that folder using Focus/inspector/Storage Location and Bookmark it if I want.

What I do:
After I have added the file, I look in the album browser sorted by Date Added. The file is in the upper left corner. I Edit it and give it a name so I can find it: album, artist, whatever seems useful. Takes but a moment.

Don’t think of this as METADATA EDITING, sounds big and complex and scary.
When I have some cables or chargers or other stuff, I put it in a plastic bin and put a label on it so I can find it.

Even now, that file you mention is probably near the upper left.

I add id3 tags in Windows to create an album Tracks names, numbers and artist. Easy. I have plenty of 48/24 bit Wav albums. Labelled bootleg.

A typical result.

Why not FLAC encode them and embed the metadata in the file tags?

I could but it’s one more step and I’m inherently lazy :joy:

Thanks Everyone

I was able to find it in the albums, sort by date added method. Thinking of the file as a single track I had a mind block on the album section.

Since subscribing to Tidal 2 years ago I rarely buy digital files…so it’s been a while for me to add an album. With that said it was always a full album that I added and I likely just followed other examples I established 3-4 years ago.


This is where folder view would be useful. No need to add any file to the library or have the media copied over somewhere. Yes there are workarounds, but workarounds point out missing elements in software.