How to pull Tidal "Add to Library" Albums to Roon Album view?

From Roon, I go to Tidal / My Favorites / Albums and select Night in Tunisia (Blakey) and select Add to Library.

My expectation is that this Album would now appear in Roon / Albums but it doesn’t. Oddly there are other Tidal sourced albums in Roon / Albums.

I must be missing the logic. How does this work? Is it possible to choose Add to Library and have it appear in the Roon list of Albums? :thinking:


That a little odd, in that everything in Tidal / Your Favorites should already be in Roon / Albums.

Yet I too see the Add to Library option, but in my case the albums are already in Roon / Albums (so I’d not expect to see that option).

Let’s drop a tag for @support to follow up.

It seems odd that you can’t see what you add as this is a fundamental piece of design.

Check that you are looking in the right place.
E.g. Use album view and ensure you view by artist or by date added.
Scroll to the right place


Good suggestion.

Indeed it was there. The issue was that I added the Album a few months ago and didn’t realize it. In the Most Recently Added view, it was not to be found, but in Artist, it was. That said, I don’t think it was flagged that it was already added when I went to add again, or the flag was too subtle for me to notice. Perhaps that could be addressed?

Also, this suggests a feature request - in Most Recently Added view, can there be a timeline generally indicating when added? This would be something like we see in the forum where we see when messages were added.

At this step, the fact that Roon/Tidal says an album is in Your Faves means that it is in your library.

What you have stumbled on here is something for @support to pick up. Thanks for raising it.

As viewed from Roon/Tidal/Favourites

As viewed from Roon/Album

This is the same Tidal album and should be seen in the same way i.e. already added/synchronised with the users library.

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Agreed, that’s why I said it was odd in my previous post.
Dropping another tag for @support and @Brian to note and hopefully resolve in a future build.

To confirm - Nick has it correct. The album appears in Roon/Tidal/Favorites with the option to Add to Library despite already having been added.

When addressing, I suggest instead of having it clear it was added, can you include the date or month added, e.g. Added to your library Nov 2015?