How to reclassify songs listed in “Unknown Artist” album?

The upgrade of dbPoweramp went smoothly. I ripped several new CDs and a 4 cd box set with no issues.

On the Jerry Garcia Band discs, I relabeled the album names in dbPoweramp. This allowed all songs to show up in the correct place in Roon.

When looking at those files, I could not identify any issues. Is there something I can look for in dbPoweramp that would alert me to bad labels?

I now see some hope in getting all of this corrected but will need to figure out how to identify errors in files.

You can use the dbPoweramp music convertor to test the files.

  1. In explorer (or Finder I assume) right click a folder with an album in it, select ‘batch convert’
  2. Select ‘Convert’
  3. In the drop-down, select ‘Test Conversion’ and hit ‘Convert’
  4. After process is run, a log is displayed - see below for the log results I just ran (and the error it discovered)

You should be able to select and run this against a bulk set of folders if you need to. Alternatively, there is a companion tool called PerfectTunes which can be used for a more automated sweep against your whole collection (the software is also sold by Illustrate, but not included in dbPoweramp itself)

Good luck

Nick, that is excellent information. I am going to give that process a try over the next weekend and will report back. It looks like there should be a way to get this straightened out without having to re-rip CDs. Thanks for your help.

Unfortunately, I haven’t had the time to work on this project since the last post. Perfect tunes looks like a nice tool. I am hoping to find something that will not only identify errors but also provide assistance in fixing the errors

Happy holidays to anyone reading this. I have figured out how to use dbPoweramp to identify songs with errors. However, I do not know how to interpret the errors or how to fix them. I would expect to see something like album name error or artist name error.

This whole process is frustrating and makes me feel like an idiot. Questions:

1). Would having separate folders for each CD make this process go any better? In some cases, my folders may have several hundred songs in it.

  1. What is the easiest program to use for a project of this magnitude? (scan 20,000 files and fix tags). My guess is that 25% of my music is not showing up in Roon.

You can also use the dbp convertor to move files into separate folders per album/CD (which will definitely help your situation)

Select one of the folders with lots of files, and use the batch convert facility. You just need to select ‘Arrange Audio’, a root folder where to move the files (and create the folders) and set the required folder structure (aka ‘Arrangement’) via the ‘set’ button.

Good luck

PS. If the drop down doesn’t offer arrange audio, you can install it from here:

Thanks. Having a more manageable folder structure should make this easier to take on.

Happy New Year. I have been making some progress but have still not conquered this. I have been focusing on all of my Grateful Dead multi-CD sets. My main focus has been on segregating files into folders and editing the metadata to ensure that artist, album artist, and album names are consistent. This has helped a bit.

I am able to run the DSP converter to identify errors. However, I have no idea what the error messages mean or how to address them. Following is an example:

Information converting to Test Conversion, ‘F:\Grateful Dead - Master Folder\1973\Winterland 73\2008 – Winterland 1973; The Complete Recordings, Disc 9\ Disc 9 – 01 – Dark Star.aif’ to ‘F:\Grateful Dead - Master Folder\1973\Winterland 73\2008 – Winterland 1973; The Complete Recordings, Disc 9\ Disc 9 – 01 – Dark Star.IGNORE’
Warning ‘RiffSizeLeft != FileSizeLeft’ must be extra data on end of file. [clAIFFHandler::ScanFile]
Info Chunk is out of file. [clAIFFHandler::ScanFile]

I will add one more comment. I have been doing some re-tagging using dbPoweramp. I retagged a lot of my Grateful Dead and focused on Ry Cooder. Unfortunately Roon is still not recognizing the album artist field. It does recognize if I change an album name but many of the songs will still be labeled as Unknown Artist.

If I search Unknown Artist in Roon, I can find the songs and retag them in Roon. This is a messy process. I still can’t fathom why Roon doesn’t recognize my album artist fields.

Success. I seem to have been able to get Roon to recognize my re-tagging of album artists. I am going to try to do some more work next weekend to see if I have found the right way to get this library straightened out.