How to recover deleted album [Answered]

I have deleted album from Roon. Album is already on my NAS, but I can’t add to Roon again.

Hi Alex,

As I understand it you’ve deleted a local Album (not Tidal) and now you want to add it again from a backup ?

If so, then Settings/Library/Cleanup Library should force Roon to process the deletion and permit you to add the album again. A restart of the Core might also assist.

Hi Alex,

I’m assuming the album you deleted was a local one stored on your NAS.
Did you delete the album using Roon?
If so then Roon will also delete the album from your NAS.

On my NAS (a QNAP) deleted files are moved to the NAS’s recycle bin and can be recovered from there.

[quote=“Aleksandar_M, post:1, topic:30772”]
Album is already on my NAS
[/quote]After deletion, did you copy the album back onto the NAS?
If so try forcing a library rescan on Roon: Settings --> Storage --> (3 dots menu) --> Force Rescan.

Hi and thanks.

I have made cleanup and reset Core, but looks same.

I will try again. Anyway back to you soon with result.

Hi Carl,

I have deleted album in Roon. I am using Lacie at home, qnap in office (talking about Lacie)

Tried scan, cleanup, restart… nothing happened.



Deleted from NAS.


Hi again,

I have noted, deleted from NAS

I will add agin to NAS and it will be good.


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I seriously don’t understand Roon’s decision to only allow actual data deletion as a collection edit. Roon shouldn’t edit or touch the data at all…

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The deletion thing has never entirely made sense to me, either. You can’t edit embedded metadata, but you can delete track/album files? I just don’t get it.

I understand that you need to be able to remove tracks/albums from the library — especially for Tidal and any future streaming services — but delete the actual files from disk?

Should give people a choice. The media player that rhymes with shiver gives a choice.

Consider this a feature request.

A choice is fine if there is a toggle in settings. The whole thing just doesn’t seem to fit together. Roon is not a collection manager in the sense of some other software that works with embedded metatags, copy, move, delete, etc. For the only thing that Roon does to be to delete the actual data seems out of place, and also the most dangerous. Kind of like saying that bats and knives are too dangerous for little kids to play with, but here’s a gun…

We hear from lots of people that they use Roon to clean up their music libraries, whether that’s deleting lossy copies, duplicates, etc.

So, it’s an important use case but also a dangerous one, which is why we do a double-confirm, and say “Tracks Will Be Permanently Deleted From Your Hard Drive” in 3 places. Me and @Brian2 talked about adding a checkbox confirm a few weeks ago, so I think it’s probably worth getting that done, too.

Sorry for the trouble here @Aleksandar_M – glad you have a backup!

Those are fair points. I don’t use Roon for collection management so whatever choice is fine with me - that is until one of my kids deletes something!

Thanks a lot.