How to remote connect ROCK from outside network

Rock installed on PVE, LAN access normal. But I need a remote connection to ROCK from outside network to organize my database. I set port forwarding, UDP: 9003, TCP: 9100-9200. DDNS works well, I can access my NAS or router remotely. When trying to use public IP + port number (9003 or the number between 9100-9200), the ROCK core cannot be found.

Undo all your port forwarding and use ZeroTier instead. Note, you must run ZeroTier on both the Roon Core and the Roon Remote systems directly.

ROCK installed on PVE(Debian liunx system),database on DS918,and Roon remote is on iMac(Win7). The three systems have been bound on zerotier. still can’t find roon rock core.

ZT can’t run on ROCK

Sorry, I totally spaced on “ROCK”. You should run the Roon Core on a normal Linux distribution, then you can use ZeroTier.

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