How to remove tracks from a playlist?

I have duplicate songs in my playlist and would like to remove them. The user guide suggests I select tracks for editing. If I go to the 3 dots at the left of each track and press delete, it states that the track will be permanently deleted from my hard drive. I just want to delete it from the playlist.

You should get the “Remove From Playlist” option if you select the tracks. More information here:

"Remove From Playlist" should also be on the 3 dots menu, that's a bug and it's fixed for our next release.

@mike beat me to it! Right now, depends on which 3 dots you choose, sounds like that will change in future release.

Playlist handling really is poor and a reason why i am looking for another software than Roon.

Why isn‘t it possible to move songs from one playlist to another and why isn‘t it possible to chose the songs of a complete album without the need to mark all songs individually? There are lots if players outside where you can get a feeling how playlists should be even if the devs of Roon don‘t use them themselves.

Playlists are meant to ease grouping music but here it only is a waste of time unfortunately.

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Whilst a “Move” operation in Playlists is not (yet?) possible, you can select multiple items in a Playlist and Add them to another Playlist. Then remove them from the first Playlist - but I agree that’s a second step.

It is possible to choose all songs of a complete album with a single keystroke. In the Album detail view, it’s Ctrl-A (for Windows). The complete list of keyboard shortcuts for Windows and OSX is here.

As i am using roon headless and control it with my ipad i unfortunately have no ctrl + a. I do what you suggested. I add the album to a new playlist and afterwards mark all songs to delete them frm the old playlist. But i doubt it would be a big deal to generate a move function.

But from my experiences with windows i think that ctrl + a will mark the complete playlist and not only a specific album that i want to move or delete from the list.

But maybe i am wrong with this assumption.

On iOS, tap-and-hold any of the tracks. A black bar will appear at the top of your screen. Top left, from the pulldown menu that says ‘1 selected’, choose ‘Select all’.