How to search ECM albums on Roon Tidal

Now that Tidal includes most ECM releases, how can I quickly search and sort all ECM albums available (especially new releases)?

I think Tidal doesn’t allow searching by label, but it is possible to look for Manfred Eicher, the producer.

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Thanks! My search finds 751 albums. Seems a bit lower than I thought…

Are you searching on Tidal or via Roon?

This was a search within Roon.

I just searched Roon for Manfred Eicher and chose his name under “Production.” I got nowhere close to 751 hits. Are you counting albums or tracks? Are they all Tidal titles?

Under Manfred Eicher, I got 513 albums in my library, and 486 others in Tidal (“others” because Roon lists under Tidal only those I don’t have).
We don’t know that every ECM album in my library is available in Tidal, but supposedly all of them are.

Wikipedia list 2,700.

@AndersVinberg what am I doing wrong?

On Roon I put Manfred Eicher in the search box. I get this:

I then click on Production Manfred Eicher and get this:

Notice: “Production (76)”

Why are your results different?

What I did (because I’m lazy and don’t like typing) was to click on my ECM bookmark, click on the first album, click on credits, click on Manfred Eicher.
Then I saw in the white area, my own albums, and scrolling down to the black area I see the Tidal albums.

Thanks. I have no idea what an “ECM bookmark” is. Still lots for me to learn about how to make the most of Roon. I don’t always have the patience to research it all.

:grinning: I made the ECM bookmark myself.

First, find all ECM albums. Tricky because there are lots of ways ECM is written in album metadata. So I do this: Focus, scroll to the right, Labels, in the Filter box I type ECM and I see ECM, ECM Records, ECM Records GmbH, and other spellings. Click on all of these. Click outside the box, and you see all your ECM albums.

Second, click on the Bookmark icon in the upper right, Save Bookmark, and type ECM.

Now you can get those ECM albums without going through all that stuff.

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Thanks, I’ll give it a try.

Rdio – long gone, bought by Apple I think and then disappeared – allowed us to simply search by record label. Why neither Tidal nor Roon can manage that is beyond me.

Roon does.
But when searching Tidal, even from Roon, it depends on what Tidal has in their database.

“Roon does.” How?

I search “Blue Note” or “ECM” and get nothing — unless “Blue Note” is in the title of the album or name of the group.

From the album view chose Focus and then label. Only works for things already in your library and not for the whole of Tidal.

@philr Thanks. If it only works for what is already in my library, that’s not the kind of search I’m hoping will some day be provided. The search Rdio allowed us to do specifically aided one in expanding our library.

The reason I want to search by label is to find titles I have not found before (on Tidal), without having to search by every individual artist.

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