How to search for TIDAL playlists using ROON

Hey all,

I think I must be missing something but I can’t figure out how to search for TIDAL playlists using ROON.

That shows some very limited ‘promoted’ playlists, doesn’t it? If I wanted a list of all ‘Disco’ playlist, how would I accomplish that?


Did you click on MORE?

If you click on ‘MORE’ you indeed get more playlists, but not all, and still no way to search or filter for a keyword.

I think you’re not able to search for playlists on TIDAL without using the TIDAL app. I hoped (and expected) the same thing would be possible using ROON.

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I no longer use TIDAL, but on Qobuz, I can filter by genre, so I imagine the limitation is from what TIDAL exposes through their API.

Basically the search doesn’t search playlists that are not in you library already. You have to favourite them in the Tidal app for them to come into Roon, which kind of defeats things. Same goes for Qobuz. Roon only sees some of the available playlists via its integration not sure if that’s by design or they just are not available for them to do so. They do limit some things to their apps only.


That’s what I hoped wasn’t true. It makes using TIDAL playlist in ROON too complicated.


So this means that the playlists we create in tidal will not show up in Roon’s Tidal tab right? Qobuz’s playlists created in the Qobuz app does turn out in Roon, i can confirm that

Yes they do and are searchable. He is referring to playlists that are curated by Tidal not made by the user. All playlists have to have been added to Roon for them to be searchable, you cannot search explicitly for a specific Tidal curated playlist nor can you for Qobuz ones either.

[moderated] I was too trying to find tidal albums or playlists via roon search and you cannot do that! You can find artists, but not albums or playlists, what a nonsense! I had to open tidal, listen to albums/playlists on pc/phone/whatever, add them to my favorites and only them i can listed to them via roon. Nonsense at it’s best