How to see all favorite artists?

Using Qobuz, I apparently have at least 221 favorite artists (I really don’t know how many are from Qobuz - Roon doesn’t tell me where the favorite originated); but when I select “My Artists” - using Windows - it only ever shows me the first 49 of them (I can’t scroll through). Is this a software bug or am I missing something on this screen?


It should show all artists that are primary artists on any of the albums or tracks in your library. If there are more than fit on the screen, you should be able to scroll though. (If you move the mouse, a scroll bar should appear on the right edge of the window. It is not very obvious though. Or use the touchpad with two-finger scroll, most likely). On touch devices, obviously drag the screen.

You can find out if you have a scroll bug (and there are more artists that you can’t see) by typing an artist name in the filter box top right. If it’s there, even if invisible because you can’t scroll, it should then appear.

However, in Roon you cannot add artists to the library for which you have no album in the library. Artist and album favorites are not entirely separate like in the Qobuz app.

All your artists in Roon come from your Roon library including local music files or linked music files in Tidal and Qobuz.

Thanks for the input. I also wasn’t seeing all that much in the Qobuz area of Roon. Out of curiosity I pulled up the Win10 Qobuz program, and when I returned to Roon it was showing a lot more information from the same screen. I’ll have to take some time to explore this and see if I need to do regular Qobuz refreshes to get updated information, although Roon still isn’t show me Qobuz’ weekly mix. “Artists” seems to be straightened out, now, although I’m wondering why Roon doesn’t sort Qobuz’ artist list.

It does. Click on Artists in Roon Library and Focus on Qobuz. I think you need to spend more time looking around and clicking in Roon to see what all it can do. I never use the Tidal and Qobuz areas of Roon. Everything I’m looking for is in my Roon Library other than Daily Mixes.

You won’t see all your albums, artist or tracks via Qobuz section it’s a limited view into Qobuz. You use your local library in Roon to find stuff using focus to apply filters. Everything you add as a favourite in Qobuz is automatically added to your Roon library. But tracks, artists and albums are not separated like qobuz, tracks is all tracks in your library from local music, qobuz favourites from, albums and tracks. Using focus you can just show your qobuz favourites.

Thanks. I use the Qobuz part because I like to browse through their recommended playlists by genre (the Roon playlist suggestions that I’ve seen so far don’t seem to expand all that far from what I’ve been listening to, so the Qobuz lists add more dimension).
I haven’t favorited anything in Qobuz since I’ve gotten Roon; does anyone know if Roon imports the history from the services? (if they don’t, that might be part of the problem, for me)


Roon’s history is of what you played using Roon.

Thanks - I’ll just spend time with the Qobuz app and either write down all the artists, albums and tracks (but it’s also interesting that Roon brought in my playlists from Qobuz) - or just pay a service to make a CSV of everything I want to bring into Roon. Since a service can do it, it’s a shame that Roon doesn’t, especially since it would save so much time and effort.

Roon does bring in the playlists but they are not editable in Roon. You can import the playlist into Roon and edit it, but, not export it back.