How to Select an output device with Roon arc

I have installed Roon Arc on my Samsung tab 5e. I enjoy the interface but I don’t find how I can choose an output device. How can I use Roon Arc with my Cambridge Audio CXN V2 ? For this I have to continue to use Roon Remote application.

ARC is for on the go (out and about). If you want to control your music around the home, then you will need to continue using your devices with Roon Remote.

It might be worth reading up on what ARC is.


You phone that is running Roon ARC IS the output device. Attach a DAC if you want lossless high resolution.


Also you can use Bluetooth, AirPlay (for the Apple ecosystem), or Chromecast (for the Google ecosystem), but it is whatever becomes the system output of the mobile device you are using.