How to set Max Sample Rate at 88.2

I want to set the max sample rate to 88.2khz (because 96 doesn’t play well in my system) but it seems that this setting does not exist.
In Volumio I can set the same device to 88.2khz, is there a specific reason that this setting is not available in Roon (for an Allo DigiOne) or am I missing something?

In the DSP engine select custom and enter your settings…

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Thanks, wasn’t aware there is another page for this.

Sure thing…

Is it better to “make it easy” for the re-sampler?
So if 88.2 is my max should I convert everything higher to 88.2 or should I convert:

  • 96 to 48
  • 176.4 to 88.2
  • 192 to 48

or maybe I should convert everything to 88.2 both downsampling and upsampling the lower rates?

You can convert everything to 88.2. There’s no mathematical reason for sticking to integer multiples.

I don’t think it really matters that much from a processing performance standpoint. Where the feature comes in handy is where you have equipment with Sample Rate limitations. If you Sample at 384, but the equipment is only capable to 192, the player won’t process it. Found that out in my own travels.