How to set the current playing track from Tidal as favorite?


i am very suprised that it’s seems impossible (in fact i believe because it’s not intuitive at all) to add the playing song in my favorites Tidal tracks!

My need:
i play a Tidal playlist. If i like a song, i would like to add it in my favorites but i cannot see the heat icon to do that! Incredible!?

Thanks for helping me.

The playing track is from Tidal? Then there are many things you can’t do before adding it to your library. Read also:

Note: Even after adding the track or album to your library, the playing track is still from tidal. You need to go to your library to tag the track there. Additional information:


Yes the playing track is from Tidal.
I think it’s a very complicated way to just tag as Tidal favorite (add to library, go to library, select song and tag it).

Why not to offer always the heart icon to every playing track and when click to proceed automatically the stuff required?

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Roon was coded before there were streaming services and it was a way to get them working. It is a legacy feature that roon needs to completely redo their apps to remove.
They are working on it.


I don’t think so. I guess Tidal offer an API to directly tag as favorite a song playing from them (BubbleUpnP uses it).
So it would be not complicated to integrate as a function into the 3 dots context menu for example.

I think that “Add to library” is already in the 3-dots menu. “Add to library” is the same as hearting something in Tidal – possibly using the exact API call you mentioned. Every Tidal content in your Roon library is already hearted in Tidal.

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Oh yes, you are right. I have just tested it.
What missing is the Remove function associated to the current playing track.

As already mentioned, the current playing track is the one from Tidal and not the one from your library, two completely different objects in Roon. You have to visit the library version to remove it from the library (unheart it in Tidal) – or use the Tidal app to manage your Tidal favorites.

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