How to set up custom upsampling

Hi crew. On one of my systems, I would like Roon to upsample all mp3 and all 48 and 96 KHz material (regardless of bitrate) to 24/192 and all 44.1 and 88.2 KHz material (regardless of bitrate) to 24/176.4. How do I do this?

Oh, and does anyone expect things to sound any better by doing this? Thanks. JCR

I’m not sure what’ll happen with the MP3’s, but the easiest way to do this is, for the zone in question,

DSP Engine > Sample Rate Conversion > Max PCM Rate (Power of 2)

I’m assuming your DAC supports 24/192 and 24/176.4 and those are the highest rates it supports. If that’s not the case, you can set the sample rate conversion to “Custom,” and then set target rates separately for each source rate.

I’m guessing the MP3’s will upsample the same as 16/44.1 source material, but this is easy enough to check by examining your signal path when you play an MP3.

Whether it’ll sound better is up to you to judge. By all means fool around with the filter and modulator settings. My experience is that how much audible difference the upsampling makes depends on the system, particularly the DAC.

Thanks, @orgel for the advice. I went with custom, as you’ll see in the first attached screenshot. But, when I play out any music, I’m still getting lossless – not enhanced to show that I’m upsampling. See second screenshot for example of a 24/88.2 file not being upsampled as it should be.

Thoughts on what I am doing wrong? Thanks. JCR

In the DSP Engine dialog, hit the “master switch” at top left so that the DSP engine is enabled.

Ahem, missed the forest for the trees there. Yup, why did it. Thanks. JCR

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I am wondering if I could limit upsampling to MP3 and the likes and leave enything that is at least CD quality untouched?

MP3 is decoded to 44.1/24 already why would you want it higher it’s not going to make it sound any better.

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