How to set up Roon Server?

Sorry if this has been answered…I’m a noob…less than 60 days in.

I have a Mac mini that I use specially for Music only. I also have MAC Desktop (Business Machine in my home office) another Mac mini, iPhone and iPad.

So should I run just Roon as I currently am, or Roon Server? Benefits?

This software is so awesome! I am sure I will get the hang of it, like anything else new!



The benefit of RoonServer in your configuration is that the core is always running as long as your Mac is powered up and you’re logged into it. No need to make sure that the Roon application is started in order to listen to music.

I’ve setup a couple of systems running both Roon and RoonServer. In this configuration RoonServer handles all of the core functions and Roon is configured to act as a remote to that core. Works great and offers the best of both worlds!

Thanks for the reply!

So then how much more is Roon’s server software?

Nothing. You pay for one core or server and as many remotes as you want.

Hi Larry,

If you decide to switch to Roon Server, this KB article should help.

Cheers, Greg

Hey Guys,

Did follow the instruction for the KB and now have absolutely NO Roon at all. When I click on the UI it says it cannot open it??

Boy am I frustrated …I’m not a computer idiot…I filled the instructions exactly …

Now I am trying to delete all of Roon and start over…

What the hell did I do wrong?



Just looked at the KB article and realized that one of the links is broken (Roon folder / database location)

OK, just to confirm a few things:

Did you rename the “Roon” folder in your OSX Library folder to “RoonServer”. The link in the KB article referenced that tells you where to find this is broken. Here’s a link that works:

In general the steps are:

  1. Stop all Roon applications on the Mac.
  2. Navigate to your OSX Library folder following the instructions in the link above and rename the “Roon” folder to “RoonServer”
  3. Download, install, and start RoonServer for OSX.
  4. Fire up your existing Roon application, agree to the terms, and then click on “I want to use this computer as a remote control.”
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Hey @Greg, the link dealing with the “Roon Folder” in that KB article is broken. Not sure if that’s one the pages you’re managing or not, but wanted to bring it to your attention.

Fixed, thanks @AMP!

I’m in a real mess now …I cannot delete Roon or Roon Server…because it says it still open. Yet when I hit Escape, Option, Command, I only have Finder & Installer running.

So it won’t open and I cannot delete it!!

What to do now???


I deleted all of ROON SERVER…could never get it to work!!!

D/L Roon and now it works…what the hell happened to Roon Server?

What’s the advantage anyway? My Roon will run on my Mac mini 24-7 if I let it…so what is the gain?

Is there a way I can literally shut off ALL Apps and any computer operation except Roon?



Just so you know I’m not totally inept, I got Roon Server to work for me! Control it with my iPad!

So then my iPad is considered and endpoint? Still at odds with streamers and Roon Endpoints…

I’ll get it figured out…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The iPad is a Control only. This KB Architecture article sets out what is what.

Edit: since Roon 1.4 in December 2017 iPads are Control/Output.

Then how should my Office iMac be set up? I don’t see a download for macOS for just remote control?

Just download ‘full’ Roon for macOS. It will give you the option to use as a remote at first start.

Thanks Rene!!! I really appreciate how quick you guys respond!:smile:

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What if I want to listen to the iMac in my office (instead of the Mac mini where the server resides)??

Can that be another zone?



Yes, it can: you’ll see it appear in Settings > Audio. You can enable the zone from there:

If you want to control the iMac zone from other remotes as well, make sure ‘Private zone’ is set to ‘no’ in Device Setup:

Still trying to get my iMac recognized…it may be that it takes awhile for 6500 songs?

My iPad is saying it’s going my entire collection???



my Office iMAC still cannot find Remote Connection???

Could that be because my Mac mini is not hard wired to my network ? it wireless at the moment?

Any suggestions?