How to setup Roon?

Hello. I’m sure this has been covered before but I don’t seem to find the right thread.

I’m about to install Roon.

I understand the Core is very important. But I just don’t know how much space I need and where should I put it. On the hard drive of the computer or on an external HD. Also, does the core contain all the music files or is this something separate to the core?

I just want to install it property the first time.


And another starting point:

Download the Mac/PC app and with reference to the links above, see how you get on. Roon is designed to be pretty simple to get going, but doing is believing.

Of course I saw this. But it doesn’t answer my questions.

This helps.

In general, how much space does the core take?

Roon Core runs in the OS, so it is usually installed on the [internal] disk that the OS is installed on. There’s no reason to put it anywhere else. Music files are separate from the Core and can be either on an internal or an external disk. Whichever you choose, I think it’s a good idea to put them on a different disk that the one with the OS.

I have no way to know if you saw it or not. So, it’s not “of course” for someone who is trying to help you. Good luck.

Excellent. This is the answer I was looking for.

Thank you.

Do you know how big the core “file” is?

My hard drive is only 256gb

Sorry you take it that way. It’s was not meant to upset you.

To give you an idea… My Roon Core runs under Ubuntu Server on a 256 GB NVMe disk in a dedicated machine. The Roon database currently manages around 230.000 tracks. All this occupies 7-8% of the disk.

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Thanks. Good to know. And your library sits on another hard drive?

My local files sit on a 2 TB SATA SSD in the same machine. The rest are Tidal and Qobuz tracks. Please note that ‘library’ in Roon terms is more or less a synonym of Roon’s database… and the database sits on the NVMe drive, together with the Roon server app and the OS.

I can’t find anything about required disk free space for Core, but a 256GB disk with only the OS and maybe a handful of apps should be more than enough, including the database.

I am too lazy to search right now for the relevant threads and messages, but I well remember that Roon staff always recommended a 128 GB drive for Core and OS in a dedicated machine (NUC etc.). Only you nowadays will have a hard time finding a good quality 128 GB drive… so 256 GB is just right.

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On my PC it looks to be about 500mb for the app, +/- 5-10gb for the library (info for your music files, not the actual files) and backups depending on how many albums/tracks in your library.

If you use backups, they should go to another disk.

It’s not big. I wouldn’t worry about it. You can install it, then look under AppData/Local/ to find the install folders, and see how big they are, if you are worried about it.

All my PC disks get backed up 4x locally and 1x cloud. (2x locally and 1x cloud for server disks.)

Good to hear there are backup-conscious people out there. Although I would say that’s a bit excessive, considering that the cloud also has its own redundancy. My ratio is 2x local and 1x cloud, but only because I don’t want to have to download TBs of data, should a single local copy goes bad.