How to show track sample rate/codec in case of duplicate performances?


How do you show the sample rate, codec (FLAC, mp3 etc.) in the listing of multiple track performances? In case of one track existing as multiple performances i can not find anything in the list of these that shows their differences, i.e. it’s impossible to differentiate the versions directly from the list. If i just select one it might be the mp3 version and not the FLAC version, and having to start playing each first just to identify sample rate etc. seems very convoluted. I’m sure i am just missing the obvious here. Thankful for any assist.



if you click on the album shown in the track list you get the album view including sample rate etc… Browse back and either chose this track or check the other one. This way you do not need to check it with playing.

But I agree the track list could/should have this information.

In case you have missed the feature on Album browser:
Settings -> General -> Show album format on browser

Cheers NOA

…or click on the 3dot menu right hand side of track list -> View file info

Thanks for the help!