How to shuffle playlists?


I’ve actually been enjoying Roon/Tidal with an Antipodes set up for several months on and off - but even though I’m retired, never seem to have the time to properly delve into the system - that as well as being a techno troglodyte limits my abilitites with my system.
I have created playlists only to find I have included the whole album numerous times instead of individual tracks - then when I go to remove _ i deleted everything by that artist!
Anyway, of the playlists I do have, are you able to tell me how I get my playlists to not play in the order I added them - but randomly in a mix please?
Thank you for any assistance.


All you need to do is turn on shuffle mode - its on the queue screen:

This will shuffle everything you have queued up to play – hope that helps!

Thanks Mike - that’s the button I was looking for, but couldn’t find without your direction - much appreciated!

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How is this accomplished using iOS app?

If you click on the Now Playing tab, the resulting screen will have the shuffle icon (two crossed arrows) lower right under pic. Click to turn them blue and active.

There’s lots of stuff available but a bit hidden in the queue. The knowledge base is pretty good.

When you open a playlist, there’s a blue ‘play now’ button at the top left. The button has a dropdown arrow that shows a ‘shuffle’ action. Click on that.

This method lets you leave the queue shuffle option off so albums play in the correct order. Otherwise you have to remember to turn it off and on.

Mine has switched (and I don’t know what I did wrong…) to a pale blue color and no menus are clickable. Any idea. It worked well in the past.