How to sort using file tags

How do I sort the music

  1. by artist using file tag:
    today when I sort by artist, I not only get the expected names but also a lot of unknown conductors, singers, piano players etc - (most of my music is classical) .
    When I ripped my cd’s I filled out the file tags with the name of the composer and the album file tag with the name of the music - 1. piano concerto, 2. sym. etc.

  2. by artist and by album name using file tags.
    If I use - sort by album - Roon sorts the albums by artist ( seems to be using the file tag ) BUT doesn’t care about name of the album - they are just thrown in.
    It would be nice if albums could be sorted in alphabetic order - by artist by album name - that would make it a lot easier the find the 6 -7 versions of beethovens 9. if they where grouped together.

Have tried to mark all albums and then asked Roon to use the file tags and to make a re-scan - didn’t work

And now a “little” wish - It would be nice if the smartphone app one day came in a text version - searching/scrolling through the current album-cover version can take some time.

And finally - thanks for the Devialet-volumn control, you have made - works perfect.

Have you tried focus?