How to stop Roon Server automatically after exiting desktop app

I noticed after some updates that now I have a Roon server constantly running on my taskbar, and sometimes it gets duplicated.

I don’t want this running in the background when the app is not open (I don’t do any remote things with Roon).

I couldn’t find a setting to disable this behavior. So, how can I disable this? I don’t want to have to manually stop it every time

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It shouldn’t get duplicated, the latest update to B1357 was supposed to fix this

As for autoquitting the server, you can’t. There are many advantages to running the server as a separate process, as laid out in the thread linked below. And I can’t think of any disadvantages to have it running when you don’t play Roon - as its inactive, the operating system should swap it to disk in the event of memory pressure and it shouldn’t be using CPU in any noticeable way.

I guess if you really want to you can find a way to autokill it

Depending on your operating system, there are ways to setup a batchfile/script to shut down Roon and Roon-Server which can be executed from your taskbar/finder - Google is your friend.

I assume you mean the icon is duplicated. Sometimes background apps can leave icons behind, even if they’re not running anymore. If you hover with the mouse over the icons, the orphaned one should disappear.

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