How to switch off auto starting the Mac client on login?

My Mac client is somehow set to auto start up when I restart and login to my Mac.

Where can I switch this off? I looked in the Mac user’s “Login Items” (in System PreferencesUsers & Groups) but couldn’t find Roon listed in there. Is thisset somewhere inside the Roon App?

Many thanks for any pointers!

Are you sure you simply don’t use the Mac option of “start previously running apps upon start”?

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Check the Roon icon on your Dock. Right click on it, choose options and make sure the second option isn’t checked. “Open na inloggen”. Dutch for Open after logging in.

Thanks @SandsOfArrakis and @Mikael_Ollars for your input!

Your answers helped me to look deeper in some customizations of the Mac (and as it turns out a independent macro opened Roon after login).

Good to know there is no particular option for this in the UI of the Mac Roon client.


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