How to synchronize Roon music with Philips Hue

Hi, I am running Roon and I am running all my light in my home with Philips Hue.
Now I would like to synchronize the Hue Light to the sound coming from Roon.
Mean the light is changing color to the sound of the music.
I know it is possibly with Spotify.
…maybe with Roon too?

Please give me feedback, if you know of a possible solution.

Thanks and Regards

Home Assistant ( integrates with both roon and Philips hue ( I maintain the roon integration).

This allows you to change hue lights based on what is happening in Hue (I have a light that changes colour).

However you’re limited in what you can do based on the status info that is available in the roon api.

Looks like Philips have an hdmi box that will flash lights in rhythm you could connect this to a roon endpoint - Sync smart light with music | Philips Hue.

You could try their app and see if you like the results first.

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Hi Greg,

Thank you. :slightly_smiling_face:

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There is kind a janky way to accomplish this that I use. I run the Hue Sync app on my desktop PC, and then group the default sound output of my PC with whatever device I am currently listening on. I also have a set of Nanoleaf lights that I have plugged into that sound output so those get animated as well.

By grouping in the PC the Hue app is able to listen in and animate to the lights, while also leaving the signal chain for the device I am actually listening to uninterrupted.


Do you have a solution for this on Mac?

Same as the post above. Hue sync app is available for Mac as well.

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I can confirm the above. Download the app and setup your zones and it can sync to your music (sound) or what’s displaying on your screen.

dont you guys have the problem that roon uses the systemoutput exclusively?