How to tag classical FLAC/AAC?

I am currently refreshing my library with fresh rips of all of my CD collection. What is the best strategy for filling tags of classical music?

These are a good start:

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Thank you! This is very helpful but prompts a followup question, is there a tag editor for MacOS that supports the additional custom tags?

For macOS Yate is recommended on this community board on several posts. And I think SongKong, Jaikoz, MusicBrainz Picard will also do the job on Mac.

I highly recommend Yate. A bit of a learning curve, but a very helpful author. $20. Can’t be beat (IMPO)


I use Metadatics. I don’t think it has all the features of Yate, but it’s easy to learn and use.

There is now a fully functioning Beta of mp3tag for macOS. Much nicer and cleaner than Yates and more powerful than Metadatics, which I also use(d).

You can register for a download here:


The vast majority of tags that Roon can read are supported by SongKong and Jaikoz. There are a few missing such as RECORDINGLOCATION and SECTION but tags such as WORK and PART and SOLOIST are already supported, and we always add the basics.

All due respect to you and the creator of MP3tag for Mac (I’m on the beta list) but Yate is a totally different animal. From an automation perspective Yate is playing in a different league from anyone else.

Big fan of Metadatics also… it’s my Swiss Army knife so to speak, but what I would say is horses for courses… we are living in an amazing world where so many brilliant peeps are building amazing software. Pick your tools for what you need to do.

Yate is absolutely brilliant and is the only tool I have found that meets my requirements for maintaining my 8k album library. YMMV of course.

I use Music Tag Editor Pro from the App Store. Easy to handle and fast. Sometimes I use mp3tag in a VM, but not that often; only if I have to do a batch file rename.

interface looks terrible. Super overcomplicated. But all a matter of taste, I guess

Just to let you know SongKong 7.0 Magdalene now available, supports most of the Roon field that Roon imports data from