How to tell Roon to re-scan a local album?

My local album “Haydn, Joseph/Haydn Symphonies 93 & 101” looks in Roon like this:

I found out the reason is that one local file in the album had the wrong album art. (The others had none.) Now I have removed the album art from that file, but Roon still shows the wrong image. - How can I tell Roon to re-scan this local album?

Thanks in advance!

Select the 3 dots menu dropdown, Album Options and then Edit. Scroll down to Rescan Album option.

However, this may not fix the issue. If you want to edit the album art, select the Edit Album option at the top of the Album Editor window and scroll down to the Album Artwork section. If the correct album artwork is not available for selection you can add it into the album folder (as folder.jpg) then select it from there.


What Tony said. Or try deleting the image cache in Settings > Setup > Clear image cache

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Or even better ?

Remove the album from the “Watched folder” , Goto Settings>Library>Library Maintenance > Clean up Library - This will remove all references to the previous import

Make sure the album has the desired artwork as folder.jpg , then add back to the watched folder , this will force a clean rescan and use the folder , You may have to manually select the folder afterwards depending on what Roon decides

This is a laboursome BUT foolproof way of re-importing/re-scanning

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For info Roon is quite ‘enthusiastic’ about cover art. Any file you put in the album folder called front or cover (or variations on such) will be loaded as the album art. I’m forever renaming .jpg files so it takes the art I want.

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I am not sure about “front”, “back”, “cover” as specific names , have you found anything in the KB to ay that . I would be interested to read that.

My understanding was that Roon honoured “folder” as THE Album Art and imported any further jpeg, png as Images shown on the album view , plus of course PDF documents.

As soon as Roon ID’s an Album it will add its “best fit” album art , depending of course how your import settings are defined

From the KB

“By default, Roon used the highest resolution front cover available.”

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Thanks for the details, @Anthony_B .

Indeed, it didn’t do so for me. (The Album art seems to be cached somehow.)

I did exactly that and I could select the correct album art. Easy!

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