How to Transfer Music?

Good day! I am new to Roon and my question is…can I transfer songs to my Questyle or to my IPOD? If is possible to transfer music…how can I do it? Thank you for your advice and support in advance


This is not possible with Roon. Roo only works within a server/client ecosystem. You must have a server running that pushes your music files or streaming services to a client. You can’t sync music to a client or playback away from your local network.

Well, you could use the Export-function? (Provided the files are in a suitable format and your DAP exposes a folder when connected?)

Had no idea that was even in there … been using SyncToy to get the files over to my Astell&Kern SR15 over the past few days. I’d love a direct Roon integration though and wonder if they pending update between parties will do more than simply stream.

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