How to uninstall Roon completely..DB or something appears broken

My Mac install of Roon appears to be completely broken.

The Services Tab for Tidal says Error:Not supported. Reentering password and user account just leaves the Roon logo running forever.

Under Storage the drive says connected waiting for new files, but again doesn’t return the application the Roon logo is all I have seen for past hour.

It could only be 2 things

  1. the update to build 21 has broken what was working with build16 (or updating it in some manner?)
  2. or that the mac crash this morning that I had to kill from the power button corrupted roon earlier on Build 16

Is there a way to completely delete Roon and start from scratch. I removed the application and deleted the roon folder under music neither helped. It also remembered settings so roon must have a DB or setting stored elsewhere.

How can I wipe it out and start again?

Hi see this FAQ about Database locations

Thanks Carl. Trying that now.

I did go into Library earlier before posting but instead of search at the top level I went into a sub folder of the library, and totally missed that Roon directory


Am told I don’t have access to that page

Where can i get full instructions on a complete uninstall from iMac running el capitan?

The databases, settings, and artwork live in the /Users/USERNAME/Library/Roon folder.

To get there:

  1. Open Finder and click Go in the top bar
  2. Hold down the Alt key to unhide the Library folder
  3. Click the Library folder
  4. Find and delete (or rename) the Roon folder

Depending on how you configured Roon, there might also be a /Users/USERNAME/Music/Roon folder.

Also, just drag the Roon or Roon Server application to the trash.

If you delete those folders you should be all set!

Cheers, Greg

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Done. Works. But is a completely fresh start. :sob:

Thanks anyhow! :grimacing: