How to update Roon Bridge on Pi

Hi All,
Just wished to ask all, how to update Roon Bridge software running on a PI
Roon is running okay, Rock core (1.4), Ipad for admin (1.4), but in the about section on the ipad the Bridge is only showing as version (1.0).
I have SSH access to the Pi, OS is running okay, no issues I can see, apt-get updates working, usual IT answer reboot, all works, but unable to see where to update or push to(1.4)

Do you need run a script or command line to push / force an update

thanks all for your help :slight_smile:

Updates are pretty automatic and setting about should let you know ow if there is a newer version available. i think the latest version of Roon Bridge is 1.0 build 135. What are you showing?

Thank you for the reply
Will check , I thought all would be at 1.4 level


From memory, if you go to Settings and click the About in the top right corner, it will list all the software versions and confirm whether up to date or not. Mine have always updated automatically with a server or core update.

1.4 is for Roon itself. The Software Release category has all the posts on software releases, and with each release, the current release number of Roon Bridge is also given. Example, in this post for the 1.4 release, Roon Bridge is stated to be at build 135.

Hi All,
Jjust got back home
The Pi is running V1.0 build 135 so all good

thanks again all for the help
kind regards