How to use EQ settings from other apps

I would like to use these settings in roon but I’m not sure how exactly do at these to room.

The settings are for the Aeon noire from oratory and resolve. I’m currently using these settings from amirm (ASR) but be posts roon screenshots , so it’s easy to add his settings

Click on DSP for the device. Add Parametric EQ filter, and then edit andadd according to your requirements. Save the filter as a preset. See Parametric EQ page below:


But what exactly is pk Hz ?

I imagine LS is low shelve and HS is high shelve

Well, looking at the available filters in the Band setup, I would guess that PK is probably Peak/Dip. But, you should ask the OP on HeadFi if they are equal.

As for HZ, I would imagine that is the Frequency since that is entered in HZ. See shot below:


Pk is definitely the same as Peak/Dip. It’s nearly always the filter setting for the majority of entries in a PEQ profile.

HZ is definitely the Frequency setting, as per @Rugby’s post.

Also, in Roon the pre-gain setting is to be found under “Headroom management”. Enable this and set to match the pregain setting in your figures. Don’t forget that this is a negative setting.

Last thing. When entering your “gain” figure, don’t forget to check whether it’s a positive or a negative value. A little slip here can make a hugely discomforting difference.


You may just want to download the two convolution xxx44100Hz.wav and xxx48000Hz.wav files for your Dan Clark Audio Aeon 2 Noire from AutoEQ github, zip them into one file, select as Roon convolution filter and you’re done.

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I don’t think the settings are the same.


So for the oratory settings this would be correct with a headroom of -3.9 ?

And can I still use volume leveling with this?

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Everything’s okay apart from Band 1. You’ve got -2.5 instead of -3.2. I think you’ve used the value from the 2nd (modified) set rather than the 1st (Oratory) set. Apart from that, it looks spot on.

And yes, volume levelling is still fine to use.


Just want to remind you. After you have the settings done to your satisfaction, Save the settings as a default.


I also recommend the AutoEQ approach, using their convolution filter. While not identical to Parametric EQ, it is in fact from the same source (oratory).

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