How to use Roon with my Marantz AV8805

I am just trying out the Roon software. It’s so much better than the Tidal and Heos app.
The Marantz can’t be used as an endpoint. So what equipment do I need to setup a Roon endpoint?
I am happy with the DAC in the Marantz. But maybe a raspberry pi as a streamer?

I use a Pi 3 B+ running RoPieee with a HifiBerry Digi+ Pro HAT and case to feed the DAC in my Sony STR-DN1080 receiver using a coax connection. About $136 from Amazon plus the cost of a memory card and coax cable. I’m very happy with the sound.

The Digi+ Pro HAT cost $50, there are other pricier options like the Allo DigiOne ($99) and the DigiOne Signature ($239) or you can buy the DigiOne Signature Player for $315. The Player runs DietPi which offers more features but does not seem as stable as RoPieee.


If your PC is near the Marantz:

Thanks I have been looking at the DigiOne Signature. But have to wait, money you know (-:

Raspberry Pi with DAC aree appearing second hand on ebay, if that is in your area, now. So getting pretty cheap and coming preassembled…


If you’re quick grab a Chromecast Audio and use it’s optical digital connection (quick because it’s just been discontinued).

£30 or less - should do you whilst you save for a more permanent solution. Can always then be re-used elsewhere.

I assume you looking at the DigiOne Signature means you don’t have a USB input on the Marantz?


You can use AirPlay to start with, already available on the Marantz. That way you can get started with Roon while exploring other options.

Most newer Marantz receivers have gotten a firmware update to support Airplay 2. Doesn’t sound half bad and saves you having to use that awful Heos app.
SR series from 5 on should have Airplay 2. Check if there’s a firmware update for your device.

Have there been any updates with Marantz? I was on the cusp of buying an AV8805, but I won’t be if I can’t get hires audio to it from a Mac Mini. Thoughts/experiences?

What are you missing? You can connect the Mac directly to the Marantz.

Today I use ALLO DIGIONE signature player with ropieee and a Orchid DAC.

Thanks. Yes, I’ve now figured out that I need a standalone box to convert USB audio to coax to feed a processor that’s not Roon Ready. Think I’m going to give the Schiit Audio unit a whirl.

I use a Topping d10 to convert usb to toslink. Also, does mac mini have hdmi out? You could use that to connect directly.

It does have HDMI out, but I’m a little leery about using that given the audiophile concerns expressed about HDMI for 2ch.

What is the rest of your setup?