How to view ROCK Internal music storage

Intel NUC 10th generation using ROCK and using a windows 10 computer to access Roon

Trying to access my internal music storage on the ROCK and add more music. Cannot remember how to view the ROCK on the network. Does not show up under the network tab in explorer.

What are you using to try and view it?
If so you need to ensure smb1 sharing is enabled.
Usually some windows updates managed to disable it again.

Remind me how to do that again? I am using windows 10 .

This should help

How to Enable SMB1 on Windows 10? [Complete Guides] (


Didi you receive an answer to your question?
Are you now able to access internal storage of ROCK?

Is a network drive mapped under File Explorer what you’re asking about?


The ROCK directory doesn’t show under ‘Network’ on my machine, either.

This might help?

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