How to view tracks in the queue and how to clear the queue?

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I just want to see what’s in my queue and how to clear the items in the queue.

@Ian_Nicholson, welcome to the Community. I re-categorized your request to the Roon Software discussion. Roon has posted information about the Queue at the link below:

About halfway down the page, there is this information on clearing the next selection or the entire queue:

Click or touch “Clear Upcoming” to remove all the as yet unplayed items in the queue. Once this is done, this changes to a “Clear All” function that will clear out the entire queue (including the currently playing track).

I can’t locate a queue icon on either the Roon home page or the page for the album I am playing. Clicking the track currently playing only seems to allow you to add tracks not clear the queue. What Roon window are you referring to?

You have to have a track playing, and it’s the control next to the Next Track/Fast Forward button:

When you select that, the queue appears, and you have the options noted in the link I posted, with the initial “Clear Upcoming” in the top right of Roon’s Queue screen.

Roon needs to update this help article! The screenshots in the article do not match the current Roon UI.

Thanks @mSpot, I’ve let the Roon team know.

Thanks Robert that worked. Easy when you know how but finding out how is the hard part particularly when the help article is wrong. Compared to other apps, eg Qobuz native, Roon’s queue function is not intuitive. It is also difficult to work out if there is an Add to list option. Not sure what add next or add now really means.

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Sorry I got the wording wrong. What I really want to know is what the following mean:
Play from here
Add Next
Add next from here
Queue from here
For example is Add Next the same as Add to Queue where a new album will play after the album currently playing is finished?

Why delete a reasonable question?

Nothing has been deleted… Posts from new users need to be reviewed by the volunteer moderators, so there can be a delay before the post appears on the forum.

The forum software uses a trust level system.

  • Play now means play only the selected item, then stop
  • Play from here means play the selected item, plus the following tracks in the album or playlist
  • Add next means insert the selected item into the queue after the currently playing track. The sequence will be: play the currently playing track to the end, play the inserted item, then play the remainder of the play queue. It’s a little confusing because it uses the word “Add”, which could be incorrectly interpreted as Add to End
  • Queue means add the selected item to the end of the play queue

Note: When I say “selected item”, it depends on the context of what was selected. It could be a track, album, or in case of classical music a group of tracks (such as movements of a symphony)

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So deleted means pending in Roonspeak - who would have known. Anyway it appears that my queue issue has not been resolved after all. While Robert’s solution worked on my PC ( Core) it did not on my tablet I use as a control. The screen is different and does not include the necessary button after the Next Track/ FF button which did appear on my PC. I still have no way to clear the queue on my tablet.

@Ian_Nicholson, the Queue is specific to each endpoint. If I play from my iPhone, my Queue is different than the one for my iPad. You need to select the endpoint or zone and them add/delete from the Queue for that specific device. The Queue screen on my iPad Remote is identical to that on my PC or Mac Remote.

Can you post a screenshot of what you are seeing on your tablet?

The point is Robert I can’t find a way of getting a Queue screen on my tablet.

I don’t have an iPad, so I can’t check, but while the Queue screen may be the same as on a PC, I think the manner of arriving at the Queue screen is different?

For example, on my Android phone, there is no Queue icon on the Playbar, but tapping this takes you to the Now Playing screen, and the Queue link is at the top of the screen, thus:

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Thanks Geoff you got it. My tablet is Android and I get the same screen and it works. Seems Roon have some work to do to standardise and simplify the Queue function as I still don’t know if I can add an album to the queue when halfway through listening to an album without stopping play on that album.

Yes, you can do this. You can add to or edit the queue content while still playing the queue.

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In addition you may want to adjust your Settings > Play Actions so that you have the actions in the various menus that you require, and in the right order

  1. Start playing the first album
  2. While the first album is playing, go to the second album. Open the drop-down menu of the Play button and select Queue
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