How well does Roon sync zones?

Hello All,
I have used Sonos for quite some time and even with Roon still use them. I have stayed with them because they “just” work and the syncing between zones is always spot on. It doesn’t matter if they are wired or wireless. I am considering going with all Roon RAAT endpoints. My question is, for those with multiple endpoints how do you find the syncing when used in a mixed wired/wireless environment? Thanks in advance

I have 13 music zones in my house (inside and out) comprised of a Lumin U1 (USB to Chord Dave/Blu), a Lumin U1 min (AES/EBU to D&D 8Cs), a Sonore Signature Rendu SE Optical (USB to Chord Hugo TT2/mScaler), a Sonore Signature Rendu SE Optical (USB to McIntosh MX160 AV Processer), 3 Bluesound Node 2s, and 6 NAD CI720s (with integrated BluOS). All can play in sync. I had to add a bit of delay to my non 8C zones because the 8C’s DSP adds delay that Roon had no visibility to so I had to account for it manually in the other zones but it was straightforward. Without this zone, all the other 12 zones played in sync by default with no delay added. I did have problems for quite a while with sync with the NAD & Node 2 BlueOS devices until they finally sorted it out with firmware updates but after that no issues. All of my zones use wired LAN connections. In general if you buy a Roon ready endpoint, have good network infrastructure and use wired LAN you’ll likely never have a sync issue.

Only word of caution is that Roon RAAT (it’s transport protocol) is sending hi res uncompressed data (versus lower res compressed data Sonos sends) so it requires a very solid wifi environment if you plan on any endpoints being wireless. Your Roon core must be wired and I would wire as many of your endpoints as possible (all if if you can). Having said this, I wouldn’t hesitate to move forward if you want to do more with your system. It will amaze you with what you can do with Roon versus sonos.


Appreciate the response. I’ve been using roon for about 2 years with Roon. Not ready to switch to another endpoint yet for the living room, bedroom (play 5) and deck/garage. But it is great to know.that syncing can work well with other endpoints.