How will nucleus handle duplicate folders copied to internal storage

Hi. new user here. I just started copying my library to an installed internal SSD in the nucleus+. I am dragging and dropping via the roon app in windows. I was wondering, if i happen to copy a folder/album that i had previously copied, will the nucleus detect it and ignore it? will it upload a duplicate album? Just wondering how meticulous i need to be about keeping track of what has been copied.

Any other tips on things to do for initial large library imports would be helpful. (shoudl i change audio analysis cores? any other settings?) or anything else that you all were like, “i wish i did X initially”


I’ve also noticed while the import process is going on that i’m seeing a lot of incorrect duplicate album covers. Is this just a function of the large batch upload and will it correct itself? do i have to go back in and rescan folders? is there something i should be doing during the import process?

(if it matters, the import is a number of albums in the hundreds. not the thousands)

I only have a few local albums, so I know little to nothing about this topic. However, if I had a lot of local files in multiple folders, my inclination would be to copy all the albums into one folder and send that folder to Roon. On the other hand, maybe this makes no sense, IDK.

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Thanks. will look to do that with the rest. i think the bigger issue will be going forward keeping track over time of what was uploaded and not. Unless you can easily see and sort by import date in Roon or it can detect and not copy dupes.

Pencil and paper works.

If roon detects two albums as being duplicates it will put them together, show you one and show the other under versions.


Though you can turn, show all versions, on so you see all of them at once.

Well, if you are doing an initial copy, you are better served by stopping the server and copying the files from your source to the nucleus internal drive using an SMB link from another PC. What is sounds like is happening is that the server is trying to analyze things at the same time it is doing a large bulk copy and that can cause issues.

Turn off the RoonServer in the Nucleus Web UI (not the nucleus)
Copy the files
When done, start the server again and it will start the analysis portion.

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Thanks Rugby. just reformatted and reset. This seems much better. should be in the user guide.


As Ged points out, it is.

So I see. I hope this does not come off as captious, but If someone at Roon is reading this I think it might be helpful to brand new users if the above link was included in the “getting started” section of the guide (and possibly the nucleus-installing internal storage section as well).

Roon got no logic here (it is just a samba server making the files available on the network), it is normal network share - it is the client (windows in this case) handling this.

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