[howto] RoonBridge on Raspberry Pi with HiFiBerry DAC+

Hello everybody,

I just finished my extended how-to for setting up a RoonBridge on Raspberry Pi. There are pieces of the puzzle all over this site and elsewhere, but I still hope that some Roon users find this useful:

  • Setup of Raspbian Lite from scratch with onboard Wi-Fi (Raspberry Pi 3), local time, SSH tweaks, etc.
  • Make the system robust against SD card corruption (in particular, against hard power off & on)
  • Setup HiFiBerry DAC+ and external USB DAC
  • Run RoonBridge and Shairport Sync side by side
  • logrotate settings
  • Instructions for backing up and cloning the SD card image to other Pis

Comments and suggestions for improvement are welcome.



Very nice! Thank you!!!

@andybob can we get this pinned?

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Nice job! I did a similar (though simpler and less elaborate) write-up here shortly after Roon Bridge appeared.

Since both Hifiberry and IQ Audio have released certified Roon Ready images, I guess it’s all becoming a bit moot for HAT-wearing Pi’s, but there’s no such thing as too much information here. :slight_smile:

Yup. Pinned until 31 August 2017 (Discourse requires an end date for a pin).

Thanks Jan !

Ha awesome. I just started writing basically exact same thing last weekend and you bet me too it. Good for you! Your guide is very comprehensive too! Nice!

Thanks for this writeup! So happy to know that this is a thing. This is my next pi project! As soon as the automated chicken door with twitter feed is complete.

Nice job.
Would be interested on instructions for bluetooth audio (seen in your to-do list).

It will remain a to-do for the foreseeable future because I don’t have time for it, and I am currently in no great need for bluetooth audio to work.