HowTo... Use or add folders to InternalStorage on Nucleaus

On my old Mac i used to have 3 separate Folders (iTunes (Legacy files like AAC), HighRes (Flac, WAV) and DSD) – it was super-easy to add these folders to have Roon look after them. Didn’t use the “Music Folder” as I prefer to have control on what goes where.

On my Nucleus I miss the option to select folders. I did format the internal SSD which gave me an Folder called InternalStorage. I manually created the three folder I’d like to have and copied/sync’s all filed I’d like to have there. I would rather prefer to deactivate the one-and-only Music Folder and use my three folders instead.

Unfortunately I can’t figure out on how to get create or assign those folders on the Nucleus. The way I set up RoonBackup folders didn’t work – or I simply miss something.

Best, Lorenz


Are you trying to backup to the internal storage?

@danny – thanks for your quick reply.

NO – I just ran into the fact, that I was unable to store my backup on the InternalStorage and figured out how to get this working on a NAS. In a word Backup on NAS/Share: OK!

Tried to mimic the \192.168.178.X\Multimedia approach for setting up my music folders on the InternalStorage – something like localhost odder or the IP of the Nucleus itself. But this didn’t work out.

SORRY – for being not tooo tech savvy – I usually ask the admin at my job… :slight_smile: – but he won’t help me out in this one :-(.

Internal storage is meant to be similar to your default music folder on your mac/windows machine. It’s an all-in music situation for Roon.

External storage requires folders and configuration per folder like you are asking for.

Backups should not be stored on the Internal storage, as that defeats the point of backups!

Is there a reason you want 3 folders added to Roon? You can create the 3 folders in the Internal Storage, but just add them all as Internal Storage

Why I want 3 folders…? Chicken and Egg story.

Originally – before streaming and before downloads – I sourced my music from iTunes store and CDs. Quality was limited to AAC and 128kbit. Although I got along quite well with the fact that iTunes sorted everything in ONE single folder – the structure artist/album/track worked really well for me.

With the rise of HiRes music purchased from HD Tracks, 7digital etc I always kept this structure artist/album/track structure BELOW a folder that identified the source/website wehe I got it from. Why? Most of the download portals handle music differently, some offer FLACS, some AACs, some WAVs – none of the with identical spelling. I simply keep these things separately in order to keep track with my purchases and organise them before I play them as music.

I used to keep DSDs separately (under quarantine) because my DACs were able to play some files and refuse to work on others (64/128 etc – lots of evolution there). As I have DACs now that get along with all DSD files I will move the DSD files towards the HiRes folder.

This said…

I still would like to be able to use (on/off) different subfolders within the InternalStorage folder – like it is possible on my mac.

Backups make (only) sense on an external volume – therefore fine and no issue.
Works fine already.

As per my other thread on “Audio Analysis crashing my Nucleus/Mac constantly” I’m just trying to narrow down what files cause the issue – therefor I have disabled the InternalStorage and added my there folders as separate shares (watched folders).

What I’m looking for now is 3 three watched folders within/below the InternalStorage folder instead of being on shares…

Hello @Lorenz_Ismer,

As Danny mentioned, external drives will allow you to add one folder at a time, but that’s not how internal storage works on RoonOS. I should also mention that Roon is specifically designed in a way that should make this sort of folder-based organization unnecessary.

For example, Focus can be used to differentiate between FLAC, AAC and regular MP3 files easily, and you can even save this focus to easily access it again in the future. More information on Focus can be found here.

You can also find tracks by file path using this guide. Note that if you tag all the tracks in one folder, you can then use that tag in other browsers, like the album browser, to find the content stored in that folder. More information on tags can be found here but note that in general, Roon is designed to highlight the music you love, and to deemphasize details like where the content is stored.

With regards to your other question, I took a look in our system and I see that the crashes you reported are being investigated by our team, so I would ask for your patience on that as we get this all resolved for you. I hope this helps but if there is anything else that I could assist you with, please just let me know.


@noris for your detailed reply!

With regards to folders and your Roon does it all approach. This will definitely work for many (most?) users. Still I would like to have the option to add folders from my local source (InternalStorage). Compare that to “tags” – whatever source your use, when downloading music. Spelling, tags etc will vary – most users will be happy while other go crazy and change retag everything to their needs. Why are there so many tagging apps if all the portals to a “perfect” job…?

Anyway – if you take this as a feature request (considering that it this works on a Mac (Win?) perfectly it should be no rocket science.