HQ Player and Linn DSM

Does HQPlayer work with Linn Streamer? I gave up the HQPlayer after a few hours of trial because I had a problem of making the HQPlayer seeing the Linn DSM in the home network.

HQ Player has its own network daemon called an NAA (Network Audio Adaptor). As Roon Bridge is to Roon, an NAA is to HQ Player. HQ Player will not see the Linn Streamer over a network unless it is running an NAA. If the Linn can’t do that then you will need to connect it directly to the computer running HQ Player for it to be seen.

Thanks andybob, I think the main reason probably the Linn Klimax DSM is not running NAA, I cannot connect the Linn streamer physically to a computer since it is banned in my Living room unfortunately :frowning:

@ Jussi Laako, as a HQPlay dev, it would be nice to get a confirmation from you that HQPlayer and the Linn streamers do not work together?

As far as I know, they don’t. To my knowledge, Linn is not integrating my networkaudiod (NAA) software module in their products.

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Thank you sir Laako for your confirmation.

One day, I hope to use your HQPlayer if Linn decide to get their act together.