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Not having a good experience with Ronn and Hqplayer.Can’t use any polysinc filters.Can only get dsd64 with tidal.Can achieve DSD 128 with my Flac files.Hqplayer has quit several times.Have had only part of my library show up with Roon icon spinning.Had to close and reopen Roon to get library back.Can’ t get native DSD files to play.If I try native DSD will not play.The time count bar will go from start to end instantly.When this happens can’t get any other file to work after that.Again have to close Roon and restar ?

Yes same problem outlaw. If you see my earlier post, I have the exact same issue. Native DSD files when played cause my HQ player on the client to shut down. Then nothing will play except when I close both HQ player and Roon (on my core) and restart again.

Did you manage to configure HQ player to exclusive mode so that you can do DSD over PCM rather than having DSD to PCM?

BTW, when I get HQ player to upsample on redbook, it sounds terrible on my system. I suspect my DAC does a better job of upsampling than HQ player. So sending a native non upsampled file to my DAC sounds way better. But even when setting the HQ player not to upsample, it sounds better than going through Roon.

Can only get it to play with the closed form or closed form fast filter.All poly sinc filters studder.

Does work with exclusive mode with up sampling to DSD from PCM only with closed form filters.Not able to get native DSD to

even with regular PCM files, I have to crank up my preamp considerably
more when using HQ player than when using Roon as standalone.

I had a similar problem initially, until I noticed the HQPlayer volume range defaults were extremely low: something like [-66dB to -20dB] on my Mac beta.

I changed the HQPlayer preferences for volume min/max to be [-20dB to +6dB], and the gain (at 0dB) then matched normal Roon output.

Wow, I’m stunned at how great this is!

I got it working in no time with Roon Server + HQPlayer running on my iMac connecting to a Raspberry Pi 2 acting as a NAA [HQ Player Network Audio Adapter] with Hifiberry Digi+ card feeding DoP via SPDIF to my Devialet 800—all controlled by the Roon app on my iPad! Successful playback of both native DSD files and FLAC PCM (up to 192kHz).

And this comes on top of getting Roon working with my Slimdevices Transporter!

Damn, this release was quite a Christmas present!

(P.S. Details of getting the HQPlayer NAA working on Raspberry Pi 2 are on another thread: Raspberry Pi Support [Released in Roon 1.2])


Does anyone else have the problem with the trial of HQ Player that they can only use it for 30 minutes? I’ve tried to follow through to an option of a 30 day trial but it is only giving me the 30 minutes before shutting down. As such it’s difficult to get a handle on.

At the same time, I am also getting the same problem as other users - that it ceases playback after tracks, and then you have to reboot.


Hello jonny,

Re: Trial of HQPlayer, that is normal for the trial version, 30 minutes intervals. The other issue re: stoppage is independent of the trial version operation. Once a license is purchased, the 30 minute interval is removed. Hope this helps you understand the trial is working as designed.


Thanks for clarifying Richard. It’s a fairly ambiguous message you get when you download and I thought I was missing something. I thought you could register the trial for 30 days and get past the 30 minute break - but not a problem.

I will hold off buying a licence to see whether there is work around for the stoppage issues. I’ve got some system building to do for Christmas - so this can maybe wait. I have a new AV and pair of mono-blocks coming from Santa.


Hello again, Jonny,

You may notice several solutions to stoppages, i.e., restarting HQPlayer, or for some restarting both roon and HQPlayer. If stoppages occur frequently, it gets tedious. BUT, SQ when stoppages cease and tracks play through without interruptions is highly enjoyable. This, I imagine, will all get sorted out eventually as roon support staff are not idle and Jussi Laako is in a perpetual state of implementing HQPlayer.

Only you know what ducks must be in order before committing to an application. I am there already; and for my part, don’t regret upgrading roon and integrating with HQPlayer as the SQ is so satisfying.

Wishing you good fortune along the way to sorting out your priorities. And by all means, enjoy the music,

There are still issues with the Beta and MACs. Acknowledged by the developer at the CA forum. Likely just beta issues.

Are your HQP install and your Roon install on the same machine? If so, “localhost” is correct. If not, then you need to write in the home network IP of your HQP install.

Another technique some of you can try is to put in a delay on playback in Roon. The slight hesitation between connection and between tracks may enable the programs to work better together.

Roon 64 and HQPlayer beta refuse to work together on my Windows 10 64. I have no issues with the HQPlayer or Roon playing separately. There must be one little thing hanging up the connection.

Has the updated iOS Roon been released? I’m eagerly waiting to control
my roon server/hqplater combo from my ipad. Is there a workaround?

The wait caused by the App Store approvals is very frustrating…

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Probably will take even longer than the last update due to the App Store being closed during Christmas.


I also have the HQ trial as well as the Roon trial.
Finally got sound from HQ but no integration with Roon.
Is there a simple How-To document to make this work?
There is so much information on these forums and not all of us are at the same level in understanding how this software works.
Might have to go back to my more simple Amarra’s and A+!


The simple document is at the top of this topic.
Did you install 3.12 Beta of HQP? You need 3.12 (it’s still in beta) to get integration with Roon.

Yes, thank you.
I am confused about the zones… Core vs non core… Can’t find the Signal Path that others show in this forum.
I will look at the document.

I changed the icon on the bottom right from my DAC to HQ but now get a message that 'Transport could not connect to HQ"