HQ Player - Euphony - Roon

Being Unable to install windows on my NUC (using a MAC) I decided to turn to the Euphony OS Trial. I sucessfully installed Euphony on my NUC and also installed the HQ Player server. My Roon Server is running on my Antipodes EX. My DAC is connected to the Antipodes. I wanted to keep the HQ Player on the NUC because the NUC is more powerful. I put the IP address of the Euphony on the Roon HQ Player setup and its recognizing it. However no sound comes out of my speakers.

In the HQ Player config file on Euphony, how do I choose my sound output to the DAC? any thoughts?

Hi did you find a solution. I am trying to do the same thing.

Hello, yes I figured it out through trial and error to be honest. Email me at perfusionist.meyy@gmail.com if you are still looking to fig it out. I could probably give you my number and help you over phone.