HQ Player only playing PCM thru Roon [Resolved]

This issue just started recently and for weeks, 6 or more I had no issues playing DSD256 with roon and switching between dac’s regularly. Now when I try to play DSD, I set the settings in HQPlayer as I had before. Then on the main HQP screen far right box I elect SDM and the other 3 boxes remain with the PCM filters and when I hit play the path shows I am up sampling the 16/44 files to PCM 352. Not DSD. I close Roon and add a album directly to HQP same settings on HQP as I use in Roon and it plays DSD256. Now if I pause music and open Roon and hit play then HQP plays in DSD, But last night I couldn’t even get that to work. I had to select DOP (In the SDM Pack box) to get Roon to play back DSD. Previously, since I have a ASIO driver I selected None in this box (SDM Pack) and made sure the main screen far right said SDM and I played DSD with no issues. If I pause the music in Roon and adjust anything (filter, master volume etc) in HQP and hit play again the sampling reverts to PCM. So I have to close Roon, open HQP add album hit play, get DSD playing, Pause, Open Roon hit play and usually it resumes DSD playing. What is weird is when the far right hand box on the main HQP screen says SDM, the filters to the left are usually the PCM ones and the rate is Auto and clicking it the only option most of the time is just auto and some times it may say 352000 or 384000. Previously when the far hand box said SDM the filters to the left always were my DSD filters.

I run a stand alone dedicated audio computer Windows 10 Pro, latest version of Roon and HQP (not beta). Computer only has a few programs on it since it is dedicated to audio. It connects via USB to my dac, only zone I have active is HQP. I tried uninstalling HQP and reinstalling, that didn’t solve anything. I backed up my database this AM and thinking of uninstalling roon, HQP, and my driver and reinstalling everything again. What was so stable is now a mess.

Strange behavior. Have you tried reinstalling your DAC driver?

I did last weekend, but for another reason as I added a new USB to I2S card in my dac and I tried a signed Theyscon driver, I then decided to uninstall that and re-install my unsigned 3.34 driver that I had been using for weeks. I plan on uninstalling Roon, HQP and driver and starting over.

When I go to windows add/remove programs HQPlayer is not listed there, which seems odd to me. Yet my driver is there. So when I uninstalled it sunday I just found it in the program folder and deleted it. Shouldn’t HQP be listed in the add/remove program list?

HQP has an uninstall program in the HQP folder. Try uninstalling with that and re-installing.

@andybob Thank you I forgot that. Anyway I removed HQP and my 3.34 driver. Then installed a signed theyscon driver 3.38 and reinstalled HQP and initially all is playing nicely together. Tonight is not a long listening night so I’ll feel better after tomorrows listen with no issues. Fingers crossed.

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John, I hope all is well with your setup.
In HQPlayer (without even choosing a song), when you change the far right drop down list from PCM to SDM or viceversa, the 3 other boxes change accordingly to what you set in Settings. Filter may be the same and Frequency may remain on Auto, but NS/Modulator must change. If it does not change, there is something wrong with your HQPlayer installation, your HQPlayer.xml might got corrupted…

@bibo01, that was the issue when roon was open with HQPlayer if I changed from PCM to SDM as you described the filters stayed as PCM and playback was PCM. The uninstall last night thru the programs uninstall feature and removal and re-installation of the driver seemed to have solved the issue. Tonight is a longer listening session and if no problems occur then that definitely solved the issue.

Hopefully all is solved and you are fine. If by any chance it happens again, you can try first to delete HQPlayer.xml and let HQPlayer rebuild it for you.

Well made it thru an entire session last night with no glitches so uninstalling and re-installing the program and driver did the trick. I put a new USB card in my dac (a week ago) and listened last night at DSD512, not 100% stable some random white noise like sounds but not enough to make me drop back to DSD256. What a stunning improvement over DSD256. I see now what all the fuss is. I have a ess9018 based dac so really happy with my results.

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