HQ Player Setup

I have HQPlayer as a zone but nothing happens after selecting it. Nothing plays through it.

And, if I figure out how to get it running, is it possible to play roon through HQPlayer over Airplay so I can take advantage of its capabilities?

Really don’t understand why HQPlayer is so complicated or how to use it. Running a headless mac mini connected to Yamaha Aventage receiver. Does that mean I can only play HQ through the locally connected receiver an not over the network to airplay receivers?

Thanks -

HQPlayer uses its own network protocol to transmit to a network endpoint.

The other question, is why would you want to in the first place. HQPlayer is used mainly to up-sample. The moment you went to transmit via Airplay, that stream would be down sampled to 16/44.1, the maximum allowed by Airplay.

Ahh. Thats good info. It’s difficult to get into this without a real understanding of things like that. Much appreciated. I guess the argument for a DAC over just airplay is the sample quality and I’m assuming sound quality?

Daniel, thanks for your forthright opinion. As a NooB to the world of high-tech music, my first instinct is to chase anything and everything that claims to make music better. HQP is just one example.

Asking ‘why’ forces one to reflect. My wife asked me last night why I wanted 1000MBps internet (fiber), when we were managing quite nicely with 100MBps? My response: “…because it’s there”, the Mt. Everest excuse. J