HQ Player (ST i9 embedded): No sound after switching from Roon Ready

See title.
HQ Player was working fine, then I used Sonic Orbiter App Switcher to switch to Roon Ready. Then I switched back to HQP, but get no sound output. The little progress graph is jumping up and down in the Queue, but the transport slider does not advance. If I switch back to Roon Ready I get sound again.

I’ve tried rebooting the ST i9 and restarting Roon several times. I’ve tried removing HQP and reinstalling with the IP address specified; then repeated using “localhost”. Still no go.

Did you re-select the NAA device at the bottom left corner of the configuration screen in the “Network Audio backend” section? Sometimes HQPlayerE forgets the device.

Thanks for the suggestion.
I did check to see if the correct devices were displaying in the lower left corner, and they were. But anyway, I’m in business again (after rebooting the ultraRendu).

Before that, one of the things I tried was to switch to a different Core (running on a Mac Mini instead of the ST i9). Then I started up HQP desktop version (on the Mini). It appeared that the ultraRendu was not exposed on the network for HQP to connect. I did not notice any error messages. All the SonicOrbiter windows seemed to indicate that the system was up-and-running.


Keep in mind that it will show the right device selected but reselecting it in the pop up is required.

I have a sonic transporter 5 with HQ Player embedded and I have a windows machine with HQ player for windows. I also have a microrendu and connect to HQ player via NAA. What I have noticed is that when I want to switch from using HQ Player embedded to HQ Player for windows, I have to disable the NAA on HQ player embedded. If I don’t do this, HQ player is not recognized on the windows machine. I don’t know if this is by design, but I would love to be able to use HQ player NAA on either machine without having to go through this extra step.

I discovered this recently, too.
I’m not sure I’d ever want two HQPlayers active at the same time (since only one system in my house can benefit from it). But I do have licenses for both the embedded and DT versions. Bought the embedded version after learning the DT license wasn’t re-usable on a new music server with “embedded” capability.

Maybe this should be in the #audio-products:hq-player area but lets tag @jussi_laako maybe he has some clues to what’s needed here

You only need to shutdown HQPlayer on the other machine. As long as HQPlayer is running, it is connected to the DAC and keeping it reserved.