HQ Player – tracks skipping

Hi, I have recently jumped to the HQP Bandwagon and I must say I like it. My setup is a Roon ROCK on a i5 machine and the HQP is installed on a i7 (latest) Windows based PC on the same network. HQP gets added smoothly in Roon and sends NAA to a Zen Stream but then on playback it just gives constant skips initially. I am doing a DSD up sampling with ASDM7EC v2 modulator to my Tidal/Qobuz streams. All the usual 48K DSD, Variable but rate, multi core processing etc. are clicked. My PC shows just 10% Processor utilization at that upsampling.

Once the playback starts, it skips like crazy, and then I have to go to windows HQP file>settings and then close settings without changing anything for it to play anything smoothly…that also just lasts for some time before it starts to skip again. I tried to change the buffer to 100/250ms and that seemed to worsten things. Not to mention the clicks I receive before playback starts each time. Any ideas of what I could be doing wrong? Thanks for chipping in…

Here are my settings if that helps resolve this issue… Thanks a lot

Try setting filters as
1x poly-sinc-gauss-long
Nx poly-sinc-gauss-hires-lp
then set modulator to
and select 48kx256 (because you’ve set 48k DSD)

Thanks for this. I am liking the Closed form 16M and so does this reset the function in the SW somehow? Also, ASDM7EC v2 is better to my ears than the ASDM7EC for some reason…does this mean I can’t use my preferred filter/modulator combination? Thanks

It’s possible that your pc cannot handle your preferred combination of filter/modulators, my suggestion is to try different settings to be able to understand which are the limit of your hw, not all filters and modulators can be used on any pc/cpu

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I see. That’s strange for sure. I have a 12th Gen i7 and it takes just 12-13% of PC load and as I mentioned, when I go into settings and close them…it starts to play nicely. Very strange indeed.