HQ SDM modulator

I do not really understand the difference between the ASDM7ec and the AMSDM7ec 512+fs modulator. What does „pseudo-multi-bit“ modulator
mean in this context? Is it inferior to a „one-bit“ modulator? Are the two modulators „equal“ in terms of sound quality. I would appreciate a short comment.

Jussi explains briefly here:

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Thank you Dino for this fast answer. So, would you expect a difference between DSD256 under ASDM7ecv2 and DSD512 under AMSDM7ec 512+fs from the point of view sound quality?

I believe it comes down to your ears, dac, etc. You should try both out and see what you think.
I would also suggest that you search through the “What HQP filter are you using?” thread for more opinions. I find lately that ASDM7ECv2 is my preferred one at 256 or 512.