HQP: Maximum DSD Upsampling with Rpi3/Ropieee XL Set up?

I am using Roon/HQP with a Raspberry Pi 3/HAT/Ropieee XL set up. My HAT is a HiFiBerry Digi+ Pro

In the HQP settings, the backend is HQP Network AudioAdapter and the device is ropieeexl USB.

My DAC is a T+A DAC 8 DSD. It can play 512DSD. The DAC is connected to the Rpi 3 via USB.

I have set HQP to upsample and convert everything to DSD. I set the maximum SDM default bit rate to 48k x512.

However, the maximum DSD rate that I am getting at the DAC is DSD128. (Note: Roon also shows that HQP is upsampling the signal to DSD128).

Question: How can I get 512DSD? Or is 128DSD a limitation of the Rpi3/HAT/Ropieee XL?

Note: If I connect the computer running Roon Core/HQP Desktop directly to my DAC (via USB) I can get 512DSD without any issues.

To do DSD512 on Linux, you’d need to install beta USB firmware on DAC8 DSD (irreversible operation).

Not sure how much RPi3 could do, but without Linux compatible USB firmware it won’t do more than DSD128 (using DoP).

Thanks Jussi!