HQP/NAA occasional sound in right channel on new track

Run HQPlayer and Roon on windows 10 pc.Using nuc as a naa device.NAA hooked to dac by USB.Sometimes when music is playing and switches to diff song get a loud sound out of right speaker only like someone hitting it with a hammer.Even when I hit stop in Roon the sound out of right speaker continues.Only way to stop is by going into input on dac switching to something else other then USB and cycle back and forth numerous times.Or restarting Roon and HQPlayer.

Hi Jason,

What OS are you running on the NUC ? Are the drivers for your DAC on the NUC up to date ? What versions of HQP and NAA are you running ?

Does this happen when playing directly from HQP?

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Running latest version of Roon,HQPlayer,and Naa.Running windows 10 pro on main computer,and nuc.All drivers and software up to date.

Hi @Outlaw ----- Thank you for the report and sharing this observation you have made with us, the insight is appreciated!

Moving forward, I am curious, as asked in @orgel’s post (:thumbsup:) do you experience the same behavior when playing directly from HQPlayer? Furthermore can you please provide some further insight into the endpoint you are experiencing this issue with?


Does it with Roon and HQPlayer.Does it with HQPlayer alone.Played fine for about a hour in the afternoon.Tonight back with issue.Endpoint is a Simaudio Moon 280d with mind streamer.Moon tested dac appear on your list.

I’ll drop a flag for @jussi_laako to check if there are any known HQP issues with the Simaudio Moon.

Sounds like an USB issue. Trying with different cable may work - preferably with inexpensive but HiSpeed Certified cable (look out for the official badge).

Since in this case NAA is in use, one could boot my NAA image on the NAA machine and see if it helps. Rules out Windows/driver related problems (assuming the NAA is running Windows).

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