HQPlayer 4.11.2 random crashing

Hi @jussi_laako,

I just downloaded the 4.11.2 version of hqplayer a few days ago and I’ve had a few unexpectedly quit errors during playback. I’ve supplied one of the crash logs. Not sure if it helps.

I’ve gone back to 4.11 and the crashing seems to be gone.

I would need HQPlayer log for the crashes (over email) and some detailed steps how to reproduce the crash.

Ok. I’ll see if I can reproduce it. It’s happened twice so far. I’ll send info to you’re signalyst email if I can.

Would you please provide me the email address for me to send my crash log? I recently also experienced HQPlayer crashes whenever I output signals from Roon (running in RoonLabs Nucleus plus) to HQPlayer (running in M1 Mac mini). Thanks!

It’s on the Signalyst website: Signalyst