HQPlayer and active studio monitors with built-in DSP

I was visiting the web site of ADAM Audio and reading about their studio monitors. I have read many positive reviews for their A Series and T Series monitors. But, there is an aspect that drives me crazy: The A Series include a DSP that involves an ADC stage and another DAC stage prior to the amplifiers. The ADC seems to work with 24 bit samples and a rate of 96 kHz.

What happens when a stream is upsampled to 192 kHz (or higher rate) or converted to DSD and Direct DSD DAC used?

The A Series does not seem that they allow by-pass the built-in DSP, so all the DAC work done before is useless as a new DAC will do the work again. Am I missing anything?

I have have not found an answer in other threads. I wonder what @jussi_laako thinks about the use of active monitors with built-in DSP with HQPlayer.

Avoid ones with built-in DSP. IOW, ones with digital cross-overs. There are plenty of completely analog active studio monitors much more suitable for HiFi use.

Not recommended, but if you have to use ones, use digital inputs and configure HQPlayer to output fixed rate at the internal processing rate of the speaker. In this case you would configure HQPlayer to output 96/24 to the digital input of the monitors.

I believe T series is full analog, but has class-D amp for the tweeter (not so great). A series is DSP based, but without digital inputs, so no-go. S series is DSP based, but has digital inputs and also class-A/B amp for the tweeter.

Then in addition, for example Genelec G Four and G Five provide analog implementation and with class-A/B amps for both drivers.

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You should check Neumann KH310 (or even KH420) that are fully analog without DSP

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Actually, I am not interested in purchasing studio monitors, at least in the short term. I just was curious about going from digital domain into analog domain and after that, going back into digital to going back to analog…

Your answers confirm that it could be too much domain change :slight_smile:

From ADAM Audio web site, regarding T Series: “built-in DSP-controlled driver crossovers and equalization”.

OK, so that is out of question as well… Oh well, too bad they don’t have analog ones anymore. I personally prefer those ribbon/AMT tweeters… :slightly_frowning_face:

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