HQPlayer and HRA

How can I setup HQPlayer for use with HRA?
The manual if no help.

Would be quick start guide be of help?


Essentially you connect to HQPlayer server, select the HRA Streaming service and it’ll ask you to login.

Thank you!

I can use HRA with DSD 128, polysincext2 and ASDM7ECv2.
Qobuz works with DSD256.
Lower DSD rates with HRA are probably caused by lack of bandwidth on their side.
Still, I am very happy. Excellent, @Miska, excellent work.

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When streaming an album in HRA, I never can play the whole album. Usually it stops after 2 or 3 songs.
I have to press play again.
Happens all the time. No crashes, just stops.
Do others have these issues?

@miklats - Do you have a license or are you just using the trial? The trial will stop playing after 30 mins and you have to restart it. If you do have a license you might need to reapply it and then this issue should go away.

I have a license.

That problem happens with HRA streaming. It never appeared with local files Thus far, I haven’t seen it with Qobuz neither. That is still pending, due to lack of testing.
Seems the troublemaker is HRA. This streaming service might need a special treatment. It took Audirvana years to get it right.

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Well, also happens with Qobuz. Plays three tracks, then stops.

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Yes, I have experienced that with Qobuz and don’t have HRA.

In my case the Client is 4.15.1 but the Desktop Server is 4.15. I will be updating the Server to match and see if that affects the issue.

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I have hqplayer and qobuz on server and no problems.

Please look into this.
Streaming Robert Plant/Alison Krauss - Raise the Roof from HRA. Stops after the first 2 songs. I must start again with song no.3. etc…

thank you!

4.15.2 fixed these problems. Now works.
Thank you for the fast fix.
All ok with Qobuz and HRA.

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