HQPlayer DSD not working with Lampi Golden Gate

I just upgraded my Lampi Big 7 to Lampi Golden Gate
Can’t get HQplayer to play Native DSD files nor upsample DSD at all.
I only get the option for PcM
On the Big7 Lampi I easily upsamples to DSD and played native DSD
I am using Hqplayer with Ultrarendu
Would appreciate help

It probably needs driver update. Please perform OS updates on Rendu, and if it doesn’t help, contact Sonore…

I updated my Ur but HQP still won’t let me use DSD.
I e-mailed Sonore.
Hope they can find a solution to this problem…
Could it be a problem with the Lampi?

Can you include a screenshot of your DAC Diagnostics page on the Rendu and maybe @Jesus_Rodriguez can spot something.

I already talked to him.

Apparently the Amanero firmware on the Lampi is old and I have to get it upgraded