HQPlayer Embedded - BIOS Update - New Hardware Fingerprint?

I purchased HQPlayer Embedded recently for my MinisForum UM790 Pro (NUC), bringing me lots of audiophile happiness by upscaling my audio to DSD512x48k.

I’m also running other software on the NUC (it’s a Ubuntu Server) and needed to update the BIOS from 1.04 to 1.09 to resolve an issue. Unfortunately, the BIOS update has caused my Hardware Fingerprint to change, and HQPlayer Embedded has reverted to trial mode. There is also no downgrade path back to the original 1.04 BIOS. I’ve tried different BIOS options (turning on and off hardware options), but the new Hardware Fingerprint remains.

What options do I have?

For those of you interested in my setup:

Welcome to the forum. @jussi_laako will help

Thanks @Suedkiez. Appreciate the help :+1:

Send an email to support at signalyst dot com.
Include your new hardware fingerprint and as well, attach your exising key file.
Thats what i did a while ago. Might take a few days.

Hey @Deano, nice to know I’m not the only one who has been in a similar situation. I’ve sent an email as per your advice… appreciate it.

No problem, it happens. I eventually bought a USB license dongle, it has its own fingerprint and matching key file. I change things a fair bit so now I don’t have to ask for a new key file if I make hardware changes or bios updates.
Doing just a bios update doesn’t always change the fingerprint, but it happens as you’ve found out.

Quick Update:
New licence has been issued and I’m back in uninterrupted audio heaven again.

@Deano - I’ll probably take your advice in the near future and purchase a USB licence dongle, as I am a bit of a tinkerer. :grinning: